About Us

About Us

We are Connectors

Venture Capital Connect aims to connect the venture capital world to small businesses and minority owned businesses.  The truth is, much of the venture capital world is a complex maze of investors, accelerators and consultants all looking for deals.  The challenge of course is to simply get in the room to show investors that your idea – when funded – is a great deal!   So, let’s make some deals happen!

What We Do

we deliver Greater Access

Access to Venture Capital does not happen by luck or happenstance but, rather, by a well developed plan of action.  Of course the plan must start with the business idea, how to develop it and the company that will deliver the idea to market.   A good plan will also know the players in the venture capital landscape, their expectations and requirements.  As connectors we bridge the idea to the investment, giving our clients greater access to venture capital.

 Our Team

Our eclectic team consists of artists, long distance bikers and fishing enthusiasts.   We like to create, discover and find new things.

Damon Dorsey: Damon is the Founder/President of Develop America Inc., a firm that builds business development ecosystems to support unconnected entrepreneurs.   Damon is an entrepreneur, innovator and a get-it-done-kind-of-guy.   He is a hybrid of a practical corporate executive and a hyper-entrepreneurial visionary.

Brandon Apitz: Brandon is a Founder of AYR Immerse, a firm that develops AI applications.  Brandon is an artist, entrepreneur, marketing guru and much more.  He is a jack of all trades master of none kind-of-guy. He has that unique ability to see the forest, and the trees.

Austin Bragranza: Austin is a Six Sigma Mechanical Engineer.  When he’s not making new medical devices, Austin is usually on his Harley riding around the Great Lakes.  When Austin is fully engaged he can provide a virtual whirlwind of ideas and solutions for any entrepreneur.